104 Art Suites are friendly with your pet

In Bluedoors Hotels our primary commitment is to serve our guests with passion and for that we always feel at home. That is why we visitors can also register your pet. To do your cat, dog or other domesticated animal vaccines it should only be required by Colombian law.

The hotel is located opposite a large natural park where you can go for a nice walk outdoors with your pet. Chico Navarra is a safe neighborhood and surrounded by greenery.

By choosing 104 Art Suites as their preferred hotel in the Colombian capital, we assure that his "best friend" will be treated the same way you to give you a pleasant stay hundred percent.

In 104 Art Suites do not support animal abuse and illegal trafficking of endangered species.

About the hotel: 104 Art Suites is a boutique apartment hotel of the chain Bluedoors, ideal for those seeking a unique, spacious and luxurious space like an excellent personalized service. Each of the spaces was operated by a Colombian artist resulting in a masterpiece of architecture unmatched in the city. Our suites are equipped with kitchen, living - dining room, double Jacuzzi, guest bathroom, fireplace and large wardrobes for a long stay in the Colombian capital. 104 Art Suites also are experts in designing unique romantic plans for couples. Place your plans: http://104artsuites.com/planes-romanticos/
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