8 mistakes you can’t afford when coming to adopt a child in Colombia

We have compiled a list of eight important advises for adoptive parents planning their future stay in Bogotá. It is key to book a hotel that is comfortable, quiet, safe, well located, which offers healthy food and is close by to both, convenience stores and playgrounds. Below you will find the answers to why, 104 Arts Suites, results in your most suitable hotel in Bogotá.

  1. Room size matters:

Carl Svenson and Johanna are a Swiss couple that came to Colombia to adopt a boy. They have agreed to tell us why their experience wasn’t pleasant at all. Firstly, the room where they stayed was way too small. It was just a one-bedroom standard hotel room. They had no other extra dorm where to put their newly born to sleep during the day. The bathroom was tiny and they simply didn’t have a living room or lounge to sit and relax.

At 104 Arts Suites we offer you spacious apartment-style suites with areas of 115ft2 to 213ft2, guaranteeing comfort at all times.

  1. Fully –equipped kitchen in the room:

Your stay can become a nightmare if you have no place where to heat up milk for your kid or cook your favorite meal. Carl and Johanna had no other option than to dine at restaurants every day. This, in addition to the hassle of finding a nanny for their baby, turned into a monotonous habit.

In 104 Art Suites we have apartment – style rooms, completely equipped with kitchen, fridge and dining room. We supply all the cooking utensils you may need.

  1. Dining out becomes an extra expense and an unhealthy habit:

Given the fact there is no kitchen in the room guests have to eat out at a restaurant. This not only becomes a significant expense, but may also result in a boring routine. Additionally, it has been proven that eating out at restaurants helps you gain weight since we tend to order desert or ‘treat’ ourselves with the food we avoid eating at home.

  1. Location, location, location… for a peaceful and nice stay:

Picking up the right hotel also involves making sure the building is located at a tranquil area. Carl and Johanna unfortunately stayed at a busy street where the noise of the passing vehicles and noisy passersby did not let their baby sleep in peace.

At 104 Arts Suites we ensure a pleasant, quiet and peaceful stay. Our hotel is located in one of the most exclusive and tranquil neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital. Our rooms only have but one view: beautiful green areas.

  1. Safety: an important requisite:

If the place where you decide to stay is located across an important avenue or busy street your children might be in danger. Kids like to run around and play. When deciding where to stay try avoiding hectic city areas.

  1. A place where to go out and play:

104 Arts Suites is conveniently located in front of a grand park. Carl and Johanna did not have such open-air playground in front of their hotel. For adoptive parents having a park where to take their children can be very comfortable. If you stay at 104 Arts Suites you do not have to worry about where to take your kids to play.

  1. Strategic location:

Having a next-door market where to buy goodies, last minute craves, milk or bread can be very convenient when staying for a long period of time at a hotel. Children always want to eat something at the last minute. 104 Arts Suites is located only a few blocks away from a grand super market.

  1. Not choosing one of the best neighborhoods of Bogotá can be a great mistake:

Do not regret not staying at Chicó Navarra – one of Bogotá’s most exclusive and beautiful residential areas. Chicó Navarra is a traditional neighborhood full of green areas and nice buildings. Its streets are quiet and air pollution is not a problem at all. Furthermore, this area is close – by to all that you might need ranging from supermarkets to restaurants and bars. There, in Chicó Navarra, is where our boutique hotel, 104 Arts Suites, is located.

For this and all the other above-mentioned reasons we recommend staying at 104 Arts Suites during your next visit to Colombia. We have great spacious and comfortable apartment-suites with, fully equipped kitchen, fridge, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, high speed Internet, Direct TV with high definition, walking closet and even double bathtubs or Jacuzzi. As part of the Blue Doors Collection Hotels we guarantee luxury and comfort at all times.

Take these advices into consideration and we hope to see you soon.

For further information about our hotel please visit our website: www.104artsuites.com