Create memories that last a lifetime at our themed boutique hotel, 104 Art Suites

At our boutique hotel from the Blue Doors Hotels Collection, every apartment – style suite was intervened by a Colombian artist and is the result of a real masterpiece of art. 104 Art Suites is unique in its kind – all the hotel’s social areas also combine todays most creative and sophisticated design and architectural techniques. We guarantee you will live an unforgettable experience at hour facilities. Since our guests are our everyday motivation, we have designed numerous plans for you to choose an elegant, romantic, and splendid way to celebrate those special occasions with your dear one. You may customize your ideal getaway plan for the weekend and it’s on us to arrange all the details.

Below we have compiled the different options we offer. Ideal for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, wedding nights or any given moment you wish to commemorate:

Premium Spa Plan:

Are you tired of the everyday routine? Give yourself and your couple a treat. Come and enjoy a relaxing getaway after a busy day at work. Live together a revitalizing and romantic experience. Delight yourself with a spa session at one of our suites with private Jacuzzi while accompanying it with a delicious meal prepared by our executive chef.

We decorate the space with flower petals, candles and a rose bouquet for your dear one. We offer chocolate fondue with fruits and marshmallows, a romantic dinner with wine along the fireplace and a corporal massage in the room (choose from chocolate massage; mud spa treatment or rehydration therapy). Breakfast buffet is included. Without any doubt this is the best way to refresh yourself after a tedious week at work.

An Unforgetable Night:

Are you looking to surprise your couple but still don’t know how? At 104 Art Suites we have designed the best romantic getaway plan in the city. We guarantee 100% privacy for those wishing to escape together and renew their love. Stay at our penthouse apartment – style suite with Jacuzzi or hot tub. We decorate the space however you prefer and put forth a romantic meal with wine along the fireplace. American breakfast is served in your room the next day. Remember that any day can be an opportunity to live an incredible and magical moment.

Romantic Art Plan:

We welcome you to get to know our comfortable and luxurious penthouse while you profit from a lovely evening together with your loved one. We create the ambience for and unforgettable occasion you won’t regret. This plan includes marshmallows or chocolate covered strawberries, bottle of wine and American breakfast the next day. There is a chimney in the room and we guarantee rose petals everywhere!

Birthday Celebration:

Thinking about new ideas to spend your special one’s birthday?

Come stay together at our luxurious penthouse apartment with Jacuzzi or hot tub. We decorate the suite with rose petals, candles, balloons and a happy birthday sign. The plan includes a bottle of wine, strawberries dipped in chocolate, birthday cake, lit fireplace, happy birthday song and American breakfast in the room.

Anniversary Plan:

Celebrate with style the days, months or years you and your couple have been together. We take care of the most special details to help you remember the reasons why you fell in love at the first place.

Prefer 104 Art Suites for your anniversary and stay at our Business Suite. We set forth a special dinner along the fireplace with wine, candles, flower petals, marshmallows or chocolate covered strawberries. The next day enjoy an American breakfast in the room.

Art and Love:

Are you willing to take your couple to a special place but still don’t know exactly where? All our suites evoke comfort, luxury and creativity. Each of them represent a special work of art by a Colombian artist. Come to our hotel and renew all the special moments you have lived together -we promise you won’t ever forget this occasion!

“The Art and Love” plan includes a night at our spacious Standard Suite with balcony. We decorate the room with candles and rose petals. Enjoy a special assortment of cheese and cold cuts along with chocolate covered strawberries or marshmallows, wine and American breakfast.

 Romantic Escape:

Whisk your loved one away for a romantic escape at 104 Art Suites!

Unravel your adventurous spirit and invite your couple any given day to enjoy a ‘deluxe’ stay at one of our suites with balcony. We will specially decorate the space with flower petals and candles. We offer chocolate covered strawberries or marshmallows and will bring to your room breakfast in the morning.

Explore these offers and much more only at 104 Art Suites, a suite- boutique hotel by Blue Doors Hotels.

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About Us:

We are strategically located in the area of Chicó Navarra, near the financial district (100th Street and 19th Avenue) in the north of Bogotá. We are just a few minutes away from the traditional Usaquén neighborhood, Unicentro Shopping Mall and the commercial area of Parque 93.