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Gastronomic Guide Bogotá

Every day the gastronomic offer of Bogota grows, turning the city into one of the most interesting culinary destinations on the continent. The gastronomic boom of the city reaches its maximum expression in the month of August, when the Alimentarte Festival and the Wine and Food Festival take over the Colombian capital. Those who visit Bogota can delight the palate in the different areas specialized in gastronomy such as:

  • Zone C in the neighborhood La Candelaria
  • Zone T in the sector of streets 82 and 85 with race 13
  • Zone G between streets 65 and 70 with races 6 and 5
  • Zone M in the neighborhood La Macarena
  • Quinta Camacho neighborhood between 69 and 70 streets with 9 and 11 races
  • Sectors such as Usaquén and Parque de la 93

Colombian food is like the country: mestizo and obeys the result of the mixture of different ethnicities. There is not only one Colombian gastronomy, but several regional gastronomy. Each of the 5 regions of the country has an indigenous cuisine: these show the influence of Indian and Spanish ingredients with African, Arabic and Spanish preparation. The main ingredients of the Colombian diet are tubers, especially potatoes and cassava, supplemented with meat or fish. Whole grains are mainly consumed by rice and maize, and maize and wheat are used for the manufacture of arepas, for example. Banana is an important element in the diet and legumes such as beans, peas and lentils are not often lacking in the dishes of Colombians. Due to its privileged geographical location, the country has several fruits, many of them considered exotic. In addition to our hotel restaurant where you will find a complete international menu, 104 Art Suites recommends the following restaurants in Bogota.

Mordida: Restaurant with fusion cuisine and intense flavors located in the traditional neighborhood Quinta Camacho. In the menu you will find recipes such as savory trout tartare, creamy Pacific rice or grilled octopus. Where ?: Calle 69a N10-15

Nueve: Nueve  is a restaurant behind closed doors. For dinner time only tables with reservation are accepted. This place, with capacity for thirty people, has a wine list with more than 120 references of the world. Their specialty are tapas to share. Where: Cll 70 # 10A-18.The Bandit: For a fun night of drinks, live music and sharing tickets there is

El Banido: a restaurant - bar, located under a residential building and in front of a church. Getting reservation is almost an odyssey but without a doubt, it's worth it. Where ?: Calle 79B No. 7-12

Primi: A good choice for lunch or dinner is Primi, one of the most recent restaurants in the DLK group. (Owner of Dilucca, La Brasserie, Agadón, among others). The menu starts with Italian cuisine with some touches of the Mediterranean. "It's a cool restaurant, with rich food, easy and varied. We do not have a huge letter where the options overwhelm the people ", says Beatriz Molano, administrator of the place. What to try ?, The pizzetas. Where? Cra. 13 # 85-85

Casa Excellent restaurant of the group DLK. Their menu has a high Mediterranean influence and the dishes are ideal to share and try a varied menu. The place has multiple environments: outdoor terrace, in the main living room or a large garden sheltered by a large rubber tree. Where ?: Cra. 13 # 85-24

Black Bear: At the corner of Carrera 11 and 90 Street, in front of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, you will find this avant-garde proposal of the Takami group. Your letter is mostly designed to share. Mandatory entry is fresh tuna on sushi rice. The place was decorated in the style of the 50's and is without a doubt one of the most "in" and busy restaurants in the city. Where ?: Calle 89 No. 11A -10

La Brasserie: Lover of meats? Try the traditional French recipes in this restaurant where from Monday to Friday the characters of national public life come together for lunch. Where ?: Cra. 13 # 85-35

Pajares Salinas: For over fifty years this symbolic restaurant of the Colombian capital was founded. Callos are recommended to the Madrileña. Where: Cra 10 # 96-08

San Isidro: If you visit Cerro Monserrate do not forget to make a stop at the beautiful San Isidro restaurant to appreciate a beautiful and complete view of the city while having lunch or dinner.

La Puerta Falsa: For seven generations, the family that owns this restaurant keeps the recipe of the most famous tamales in Bogota, the most traditional hot chocolate and the most traditional sweets in Colombia. The Puerta Falsa is located in the historical center, at the gates of the House of the Vase of Llorente where the cry of independence of the country was given. They told the moms, of the mothers of the grandmothers, that the restaurant was born after a fight between a woman and the parish priest of the Cathedral Primada 200 years ago. Where ?: Cl. 11 # 6-50

Andres D.C: The idea was born to transfer a piece of the famous Andres Carne de Res Chía to the city in 2007. Today, Andrés D.C. Is a 4-floor restaurant where diners can sample Andres's traditional Colombian recipes while they enjoy and dance in one of the best places to party in the capital. Discover the magic of this place just by visiting it. Where ?: Calle 82 # 12- 21 - Centro Comercial El Retiro

Harry Sasson: Harry is one of the most recognized Colombian chefs and his restaurant has been included in the list of the 50 best in Latin America. Located in a beautiful conservation house in the El Nogal neighborhood this is a place to repeat. Where ?: Cra. 9 # 75-70

Club Colombia: Do you want to try authentic Colombian food? Club Colombia's Sunday brunch offers a full menu of typical dishes. Where ?: Cra. 9 #Av 82 No. 9 - 11

Leo Cocina y Cava: This cuisine restaurant by the Cartagena chef Leonor Espinoza was included in the list of the 82 best establishments in the world according to Condé Nast magazine. Here you will find traditional food with creativity. Where ?: Calle 27 # 6-75

Bistronomy by Rausch: Brothers Mark and Jorge Rausch materialize the concept of "bistro" and "gastronomy" in a place where the informality of the environment does not detract from the quality of a menu based on the French, American and homemade cuisines. Where ?: Cra. # 119-24