Privacy policies

According to what is established in Article 17 (k) and Article 18 (f) of Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, Article 13 of Decree 1377 of 2013 and Article 11 of Decree 886 of 2014, it is the obligation of those responsible / Personal data controllers adopt an internal manual of policies and procedures to ensure the attention of queries and claims that users have with respect to the treatment it gives them.

ARTICLE ONE - PURPOSE AND SCOPE: This document constitutes the information treatment policies of HOTEL 104 ART SUITES who, as the person responsible for processing information and personal data, in coordination with its team of collaborators, who are in charge of the Treatment of information and personal data, are committed to compliance with the law and the protection of personal data of their guests and business contacts, who will be informed of the treatment to which their personal data will be submitted taking into account the following principles governing the Management of information in our company.

SECOND ARTICLE - PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT: The following principles are strictly enforced for the data controller and personal data controllers in order to protect and ensure the effective protection of the data collected:

2.1. Fidelity: The data collected must be related by legitimate and conventional means and for no reason may be collected by fraudulent means.

2.2. Purpose: The data collected will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes set forth in this document, and in case of a different purpose, the authorization must first be requested from the holder.

2.3. Validity: The personal data will be kept and updated as long as they are necessary for the fulfillment of its purpose, in case of not being necessary its registration will be canceled.

2.4. Storage: The data collected will be stored in a digital database managed by the data processing and personal data managers.

2.5. Compilation: Only those personal data required by law and those necessary to fulfill the established purpose will be collected.

2.6. Information: The owner will be informed of the treatment, purpose and collection of their information at the time of supply and it will be stated that with their signature on the registration card their authorization is granted.

2.7. Consent: Once the registration card has been signed by the holder, it is understood that it authorizes its collection and treatment unless it is left unanswered.

2.8. Security and Confidentiality: The data collected will be stored in the database under strict security and confidentiality measures and may not be subject to a transaction, sale or give it an end other than that indicated.

ARTICLE THREE - PURPOSE: The data and information provided will be collected in an organized information system called PIPE DRIVE and all the information will be destined for the following purposes: 3.1. Commercial purposes directly related to the activity of accommodation and complementary services.3.2. Loyalty, marketing and sales plans for future hotel chain projects.3.3. Offering accommodation plans and complementary services.3.4. Send news and events of the organization. The others oriented towards the fulfillment of the commercial purposes and purposes of the company.

ARTICLE FOUR - CONSENT: The hotel assumes that any action by which the holder of the information makes available their information and data will be the sign of the consent and acceptance of this policy, these acts can be given: Upon registration at the hotelCon The processing of web forms and registrations with the signing of operating and leasing contracts with the use or purchase of any of the products or services offered.

ARTICLE FIFTH- RIGHTS OF THE INFORMATION HOLDER: The holder of the personal data has the following rights:

A) Access, know, rectify and update your personal data in front of the HOTEL, in its capacity as responsible for the treatment.

B) To receive information on the part of the HOTEL, on request, regarding the use that he has given to his personal data.

C) To go before the legally constituted authorities, especially before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and to present complaints for infractions to the provisions in the current legislation in the applicable norms, after consultation process or request to the controller.

D) Modify and revoke the authorization and / or request the suppression of the data when in the treatment the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees in force are not respected.

E) To have knowledge and free access to their personal data that have been object of treatment.

Consequently, the HOTEL will guarantee the right of consultation, providing to the holders, all the information contained in the individual registry or that is linked to the identification of the holder.

ARTICLE SIX: UPDATE OR MODIFICATION: In case the holder of the information wants, update, modify or remove the information stored in the database, it can be known by the same medium by which it was supplied.

This deletion implies the total or partial elimination of personal information in accordance with what the owner requested in the records, files, databases or treatments performed by the hotel.

These policies shall apply as of their publication and shall apply to any information provided by customers, suppliers, employees, family members, and in general any person who manifests with their signature or acceptance by any means, who authorizes the processing of their personal data For the purposes herein.