Humanitarian flights in Colombia

Humanitarian flights are a way of helping people who are
outside the country and were unable to return to Colombia due to the closure of borders caused by the
COVID-19. The alert situation generated by this pandemic and as a measure of
Biosecurity prevented many Colombians from being able to return home on time.

Many were stranded worldwide after the government declared quarantine and
National Health Emergency by COVID-19, which resulted in the indefinite suspension of
all commercial air travel.

Since the closure of Bogotá's El Dorado airport due to the quarantine caused by the
COVID-19 pandemic, 7,000 Colombians have returned on more than 60 flights
humanitarian and about 15,000 foreign citizens have left the country according to
Colombia Migration figures.

According to health protocols, Colombian citizens who return on flights
Humanitarians are not allowed to board the plane if they have coronavirus symptoms or give
positive. Most Colombians returned from the United States, followed by
Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Flights have also arrived from Canada, India,
United Arab Emirates, France, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Switzerland, among others.

More than 20 humanitarian flights arrived in Colombia from June 4 to 15. These flights
they returned to Colombian citizens who were in different countries of the world in
middle of the COVID-19 pandemic; These flights had all the measures of
biosecurity to guarantee the health of the passengers.

It is important to mention that the cost of the ticket for this transfer of humanitarian flights was
fully assumed by each of the passengers, who previously had to be
registered in the Consular Register